Project and program management

Digital transformation
Highly flexible in the face of change

More than just delivering projects, Levio is committed to sharing your vision and delivering value in all of your projects!
Digital transformation
Our results-driven culture ensures that your goals are met

Our results-driven culture ensures that your goals are met

“Transformation” is becoming crucial for all companies that want to create value and improve their competitive advantages.

The implementation of a solid business strategy means adopting a flexible delivery approach focused on the customer experience, whether internal or external.

In a vulnerable, uncertain, complex environments, the time to market and return on investment are critical success factors.

Consultants who get results

In order to make organizations more agile and profitable, Levio’s experienced consultants deliver expected results at all levels: from leading a complete project to carrying out ad-hoc projects.

Levio ensures that your goals will be met thanks to our dedicated experts and solutions that are aligned towards a common vision. Our services include: management, coaching, leadership and team support. With a customized approach, your programs and projects are in good hands.

A time-tested method

The governance of complex programs and projects must be based on your company’s strategic planning. Establishing a roadmap is essential.

In addition, we gain a good understanding of your market in order to conduct an effective impact analysis—and deliver the right solutions for your most pressing best challenges.

A time-tested method
Custom interventions

Levio provides a wide ranges of services—from the most strategic to the most tactical.

A variety of expertise at your service

The combination of Levio’s different areas of expertise will allow you to keep your focus on your business objectives, without losing sight of the changes associated with all projects, regardless of the method used (cascade, agile or hybrid). This approach ensures more iterative decision-making, which is one of our team’s greatest assets.


When it comes to program or project management, our team combines technical skills and know-how to develop best practices for your organization. Often, technical expertise is a must, which can contribute to the design of a solution or more technical decision-making. However, the know-how is equally important to add value to your project.


Levio is committed to creating a culture in which stakeholder mobilization is key. This collaborative spirit is the competitive advantage that we want to bring to your company. That is why our team, which is made up talented experts in their respective fields, will greatly contribute to getting everyone on board to deliver your project.


In order for Levio to become your go-to partner, our services are based on a few important guidelines that all team members should follow.

Guided by our values

Guided by our values

Our values represent the benefits we want to bring to our clients!

  • Our commitment to delivering true results and benefits
  • The team’s success is based on mobilization, leadership and adaptability
  • Rigour throughout the entire project
  • An unbiased sense of responsibility
  • The rallying pride and enthusiasm of our clients’ success

By leveraging its experience, knowledge, people skills and new technologies, Levio accompanies you towards sustainable and innovative transformation.

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